A lot of my articles are about certain villages, cities, regions or countries. Some however have a broader theme and focus on traveling as a whole. Some examples: I write about hitchhiking, full-time travel not being a dream of mine, local cultures I found interesting,  becoming a digital nomad, travel games and what I’ve learnt from traveling.

I write about

Local cultures

If you really want to experience a country, immerse yourself in its culture. Study the language, the traditions, the festivities and its folklore. The more the give, the more you get, and by speaking to locals you might discover new perspectives and meanings of events and festivities. In this section I write about interesting cultures I encountered. Read more »


I love mountains, not necessarily for climbing but definitely for hiking. Once I’ve found a place to stay, finding the nearest trail is next on my list. There is a certain calmness you will get from hiking for hours go reach the best viewpoint, ascending the mountain trail step by step. I write about the best hikes I’ve done and general tips for preparation. Read more »

Local accommodation

As a budget traveller, I prefer to stay at local accommodation anywhere I go. It is usually (much) cheaper than booking with a chain hotel and you will be in a local, homely environment from the first day of your stay. In this section I write about a few of these accommodations that particularly stood out. Read more »

Travel talk

This is the most generic category on this blog. It basically holds all articles I couldn’t place anywhere else. Give it a chance though! I talk about becoming a digital nomad, travel games, full-time travel, tourist traps and much more. Read more »

Local food

I love trying out the local specialities everywhere I go and I’ve tried many unique and amazing (and sometimes very weird) dishes and drinks this way. As with everything I do, I make sure it fits in my budget too! In this section I give tips on places to eat and must-try dishes. Read more »

Roads less traveled

I get a lot of satisfaction from exploring areas, cities and countries that haven’t been changed by mass-tourism yet. In this section I write about getting to these places, what to do there and my (sometimes intense) experiences there. Read more »

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