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15 funny and weird signs from around the world

by Victor Eekhof
15 funny and weird signs from around the world

Many travelers can relate to this one. The further away you go from civilization, the worse the English translations become. I’ve come across many funny and weird signs all around the world and managed to capture a few with my image capturing device.

1. Prio-besitas seats in Brazil: should I laugh or cry?

A seat reserved for obese people

A seat reserved for obese people? The world’s getting crazier every day..

2. I’ll take some flied eggs with bleead; a typical bleakfast menu in Laos

Bleakfast menu

I don’t want to feed any stereotypes, but this really doesn’t leave much to the imagination..

3. Somewhere in America they really don’t care about the blind

Braille sign print

I hope the genius who printed braille in ink on normal paper has found a job that is more tailored to his mental capacity

4. And I thought the Japanese characters were confusing..

No pedestrian only sign

I’m confused about what’s wrong here.. Does this miss a comma in between “no” and “pedestrian” or do they mean that only pedestrians are allowed?

5. Thanks South Korea, very useful..

Riding direction sign on bicycle

This one saved my ass in South Korea. I had no idea!

6. Oh Taiwan..

Confusing door numbers

I wonder which number this is?

7. This is my entry in the “most errors in one sentence” competition

Weird sign

I wonder which translator they used? This is beyond Google translate..

8. The longest place name in the world. Located near Porangahau, New Zealand

Longest place name in the world

Taumatawhat now?

9. Those bastards better contain some killer protein (Hong Kong)

Butterfly barbecue garden

Not the butterflies!!!!

10. China’s got the right idea..

Yolo sign

You only live once..

11. Or maybe not..

Look out knock head

They couldn’t be more literal

12. Now THIS is a road worth taking (Hong Kong)..

To Fuk Road sign

I always enjoyed traveling off the beaten path

13. This bar couldn’t be more inviting (America).

None of your business sign

Guess I’ll walk on..

14. I hope I never get this ill (China)..

Prescription hole sign

Nooo, not the prescription hole 🙁 Is it really the only cure?

15. A Chinatown in a Chinese town. Classic case of inception.

Chinatown in China sign

Well, duh, we’re in China

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The fuk road sounds pretty awesome. Did you end up taking it though?


Interesting article.
Just want to mention, the picture of no.6 is not in China, it’s in Taiwan.

Victor's Travels

You’re absolutely right! Changing it right now 😉


what are some other things you post is this the only one

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