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The final answer to “is it safe to travel?”

by Victor Eekhof
"Traveling is dangerous" and other misconceptions

Remember when I cycled from New York to Miami? Oh wait, I haven’t written any article about that yet. Well, when I was on the road practically everyone told me I was crazy and would certainly get squashed by a truck, be involved in the cross-fire of a gang war or eaten alive by the baby alligators of Florida. I guess LN Lurie, fellow travel blogger at Lnlurie.com, was as fed up as I was hearing the constant warnings from friends, family and colleagues. She decided to dedicate her latest podcast on the subject, and invite me to share some of my experiences and stories regarding common worries such as “YOU COULD GET MUGGED!” and “THE WORLD IS DANGEROUS!”.

Enjoy this 13-minute podcast and be sure to check out her other stuff!

Cover photo context: The guy in the middle is Steven, a long-time buddy of mine. We cycled from New York to Miami together. Somewhere in North-Carolina we had to take shelter since it started pouring and we didn’t feel like cycling in the rain. We ran into this bunch who started asking questions about our bikes and bike trip. What would you do? We decided to just, you know, answer their questions, and we ended up having a casual and funny conversation. Moral of the story: people’s reactions are all about how you approach them, verbally and in body language. Act normal, and you get normal back.

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