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These are articles that gave me great joy to write and I spent quite some time doing research to make them as comprehensive as possible:

The practical guide to becoming a Digital Nomad


The overarching question I try to answer in this extensive article is “How to become a Digital Nomad” and I zoom in on finances, gear, best locations and several different ways of going about it. I also give some examples of jobs that fit a nomadic lifestyle, share blog tips and tell you a bit more about my own journey. Read more »

How to get to Antarctica


When I tell people that getting to Antarctica isn’t that hard or even as crazy expensive as they might think, they usually add Antarctica to their bucket list destinations. In this article I will share my updated knowledge on how you can get to Antarctica. Read more »

Cheap but excellent places to eat in Amsterdam


Where do the locals eat in Amsterdam? It’s not the McDonald’s or Burger King, unless they have had one too many of course. There is a great choice of cheap but excellent places to eat in Amsterdam, but few of them are in the central touristy areas. So who can help you find these places? *Slowly raises hand* I can! Read more »

Guide to hitchhiking

How to hitchhike: a 19-step guide to getting a ride


I can best compare hitchhiking to speed dating on steroids. Instead of a minute you have about 3 seconds to make someone pick you up, so better make them count! Here are some of my insider tips on how to hitchhike. Read more »

Full-time travel, is it really the dream?

Full-time travel. Is it really the dream?


I was 24 and I had officially discovered traveling. My dream was to buy a single ticket to anywhere and to never return to The Netherlands again. Now, 5 years later, having traveled intensely for three 6+ month periods, my perception of the often heard “dream” of full-time travel has been shaped rigorously. It was about time for me to write this article. Read more »

46 brilliant travel games for adults


If you have ever spent a night in a hostel you have inevitably been invited for a game of asshole. Or president. Or bullshit. What am I talking about? Travel games of course! I’ve decided to bundle 40+ travel games for adults into one article. Read more »

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I write about many different destinations, from sunny Croatia to bone-chilling Antarctica, and from liberal Amsterdam to, well, North Korea. You can find guides, travel tips and my experiences here, categorized per country. Read more »

Travel related themes


When I’m not writing about a specific destination, I write about traveling in general. How to prepare for long trips, how to hitchhike, travel games for the road, that sort of stuff. In this sections you will find articles categorized by travel related themes. Read more »