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Hiking from Daintree to Cape Tribulation in Australia

by Victor Eekhof
Cape Tribulation | Australia | Hiking trail

If you enjoy a scenic hiking trail, you will love Cape Tribulation: Australia’s gem in the far north east. In general Australia boasts some of the most amazing hiking trails I have encountered. In the middle you have the Uluru rock to hike around, in the South you have the many hikes along the Great Ocean Road and in the North West Darwin provides some rugged jungle for an advanced experience.

The North East has the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsundays, Daintree rainforests and of course Cape Tribulation. Since we’re talking about hikes today, I’ll give you an impression of the latter. Cape Tribulation features an absolutely unique phenomenon, as the billion-year-old mangroves are located so close to the sea that they grow on the beaches too. Since the beach I found was at the end of a long trail, it certainly scores high on my “most rewarding hiking trails” list.

Cape Tribulation beach house

There are plenty of dreamy beach passes such as this one along the Cape Tribulation hiking trail

Daintree Rainforest twisted tree

Imagine being strangled slowly but surely for decades. Poor tree..

Daintree Rainforest tree

The daintree rainforest has some massive trees with roots growing well above ground

Daintree Rainforest stork

An Australian stork guarding his little ones.

Daintree Rainforest natural pool

There’s nothing more relaxing than floating in a natural pool. Well, as long as you watch out for alligators from time to time.

Daintree Rainforest mangroves

These mangrove are amongst the oldest on earth, dating back millions of years.

Cape Tribulation beach

Ever seen a tree grow on a beach? You’re welcome.

Cape tribulation rocky beach

I was surprised how neatly arranged the gradient is between rainforest and the Cape Tribulation beach.

Cape tribulation Rykers road

I wasn’t very happy to see this sign, as you can imagine.

Cape Tribulation beach mangroves

Another unique sight. These mangroves found a way to grow on Cape Tribulation’s beach.

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