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Win a senz° umbrella that can handle Dutch weather

by Victor Eekhof
Senz umbrella

The Dutch have struggled with the weather since the beginning of time. Being a ‘Hollander’ myself, cycling to pretty much any destination within my hometown of Amsterdam, I admit that the combination of wind, rain and coldness makes me want to punch a kitten sometimes.

There isn’t a clear distinction between seasons either, which means you can (and should) expect rain and wind any day of the year. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Dutch themselves found a way to conquer the elements, in a stylish way! Introducing: the senz° umbrella.

Claire and her broken umbrella

Girlfriend Claire took a cheap umbrella into a Dutch storm… and this happened..

Umbrella torn to shreds

Poor, poor thing..

The birth of an umbrella that lasts

Once upon a time, Industrial Design and Engineering student Gerwin Hoogendoorn broke his third umbrella in one week of stormy weather. He was so fed up with the regular umbrellas flipping inside out that he decided to create his own. It wasn’t an easy process, as his attempts to reach out to the big umbrella companies failed. However, he stayed determined to design the perfect umbrella that could resist wind, even in a storm. His determination paid off, and soon he started a company with two college friends. They named their company “senz°”, as they were going to create an umbrella that “makes sense”. The launch of the senz° storm umbrella was a huge success, and it won several industrial design prizes and acknowledgments. Now, 9 years later, the company is growing fast and is aiming to become an established international brand.

My experience with the senz° umbrella

About two years ago I finally got fed up myself too, after arriving home drenched and miserable cycling from work. I had seen Gerwin’s umbrella in the local newspapers a few years before, so I went online and bought one too. It’s quite an interesting thing, not only in the way it looks but also the way you handle it. You have to hold it loosely so it adjusts to the direction of the wind. Putting the umbrella to the test, I cycled to the other side of Amsterdam during a storm holding the umbrella in one hand. I noticed that I’ve become much more aerodynamic as a whole, which made cycling against the wind considerably easier. I arrived at my destination a lot less wet than usual, at least the top half of me (where it counts!). I’ve continued to use the umbrella and up until today, two years later, it has endured many storms.

Victor with his senz umbrella

I took my senz° umbrella on a cycle trip from Amsterdam to the highest mountain (hill, really) in Holland, and had to do a bit through Germany.

Win your own senz° travel umbrella

When I saw that senz° had recently launched a “Globetrotter” collection I thought it would be a great idea to give one to a reader of my blog, so I emailed them. They emailed me back saying they liked the idea. And so, here we are 🙂

What can you win?

One senz° foldable and automatic umbrella, “Globetrotter” edition. You can open/close the umbrella with a single button, it doesn’t go inside out in a storm and it looks bad-ass too! You can choose from three designs: Gear Up, Green shelter and Flurry rain.

senz° Automatic Globetrotter Flurry Rain top view

senz° Automatic Globetrotter Flurry Rain top view

senz° Automatic Globetrotter Green Shelter side view

senz° Automatic Globetrotter Green Shelter side view

senz° Automatic Globetrotter Gear Up with model

What do you have to do?

Simply comment on this article answering this question:

“Why do you need a senz° storm umbrella?” (giveaway has ended)

I will pick one winner based on originality, and personally contact him/her.

Important to know

  • The giveaway ends Friday 18 December 23:59 Amsterdam time.
  • Be sure to fill in your e-mail address when you comment.
  • Go nuts! Creative comments are good comments.
  • Shipping costs are included.
  • One comment/entry per person.


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Anne Johnston

I need this umbrella in my life otherwise I might be whisked away by the wind and mistaken for Mary Poppins where I’ll be forced to live a life dancing on rooftops and singing supercalafragali….. you know the one

Larry Michael Lynch

From Jamaica to the Dominican Republic, through Guyana, Venezuela and Colombia to Ecuador I endured but lost enough umbrellas to shelter families. Did I mention a short juant to the north to scurry through Panama and Costa Rica? Currently umbrella-less, perhaps only a Senz can survive my wanderlust coming out unbroken against the cruel rains of Colombia’s Choco – officially recognized as the world’s wettest region (Guiness Book of Records). Who knows? …but I intend to find out!

Lindsay Nieminen

West Coast Winters!!!! have you been to Vancouver! all it does is Rain Rain Rain fro October to May!

Chanel | Cultural Xplorer

Hoping this is open to US winners? I need this umbrella as I travel. The worst storms I have faced thus far were in the US southern states and I’m sure I’ll be needing one one the road!


Hi there Chanel,
The contest is open to all countries 🙂 Thanks for your entry/comment, I will message the winner personally on the 19th of December.

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