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Throughout the years, my blog and my self-initiated campaigns have been featured on several local and international websites, newspapers, online and offline magazines and even a book. On this page I keep track of these media mentions, mostly for my own reference (but you’re welcome to browse around of course).

Online media

World Wildlife Foundation

World Wildlife Foundation


“They aim to support the green search engine Ecosia along the way by selling advertising space on their van ($10 for individuals and $50 for businesses). All money raised goes to Ecosia and 80% of Ecosia’s search ad revenue goes to support WWF’s work in the Amazon“.
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Gulf News

Gulf News (Middle East)


“If at least a few people turn down the tap while they brush their teeth, then I consider this already as a little success. Nobody believes it anyway if you say we are just doing it to save the planet. We are all human beings and we need to be motivated and pushed.”
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“Pop quiz, North America: What do you do when two dashing, young Europeans appear at your doorstep this summer? Show ‘em your green! Josh Cahill of Victor Eekhof waved goodbye to Berlin on Friday, kicking off their twelve-month Pole 2 Pole 4 Charity road trip of green discovery from North Pole, Alaska to Antarctica“.
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The Seattle Times

Seattle Times (USA)


Eekhof said along with the green cause, he loves the spontaneity of travel. “Wherever you are, just see where your options are and make a decision,” Eekhof said. “I think it’s the best way to live”.
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Couchsurfing (USA)


While Victor and Josh are keen to learn more about the innovative methods businesses are using to become more environmentally friendly, what they’re really passionate about are the small changes anyone can make to reduce their carbon footprint. “We believe that people can change small, easy things. And that it’s worth it.”
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HP de Tijd

HP de Tijd (Netherlands)


Couchsurfen is ideaal als je alleen reist. Je komt meteen in een vriendelijke, sociale sfeer bij een Engelstalige local terecht, die je alles kunt vragen. Naast de touristische attracties zie je zo ook het werkelijke gezicht van een stad.
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Green magazine

GREEN Magazine (Taiwan)


This article covers the green aspects of Pole 2 Pole 4 Charity expedition in Taiwanese.
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Kompass worldwide

Kompass Magazine (Dubai)


Ja, wenn wir alle anpacken würden um Zeichen zu setzen, dann könnten wir in der Welt wohl tatsächlich vieles verändern. Victor aus Holland und Josh aus Deutschland haben keine Lust mehr nur tatenlos zuzusehen, wie wir alle mitverantwortlich sind die Natur zugrunde zu richten.
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Code magazine

Code Magazine (Netherlands)


CODE thanks Victor Eekhof for his input and enthusiasm on couchsurfing. Victor will be couchsurfing from Anchorage, Alaska, till the south Pole. Go buy a square on his van.
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Y Magazine Oman

GREEN Magazine (Taiwan)


The pair hope to raise 20,000 dollars through this method with all donations going to the WWF’s projects in the rainforest and from what I gather, they’re already well on the way to reaching this goal.
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Sustainable couch

Sustainable Couch (Italy)


Most of us have the dream to discover the world and to travel for a long time, exploring new places and getting to know new cultures. languages, people. Not everybody, yet, is able to give up his/her “normal” life to do so. Even if improvisation and flexibility are important, often the best step to cross the bridge between dreaming of a trip and starting it is planning.
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Social Media Club Vancouver

Social Media Club Vancouver (Canada)


It seems that simply driving across the content in a green powered van wasn’t enough for Josh and Victor. So they decided to take a break from their van and WALK for a bit. Currently they are walking 222 kilometers from Seattle to Vancouver to highlight their odyssey and bring renewed attention to their goals.
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Offline media

The Pole 2 Pole 4 Charity project got featured in the Amazon published book The Business of Sharing: Making it in the New Sharing Economy by Alex Stephany! How exciting! 🙂

Victor with Business of Sharing book
The Business of Sharing - Alex Stephany
'Tis but a few sentences, but I'm grateful that Josh & I are named in this great book.

Social media

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