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I occasionally accept guest posts on my blog from like-minded travellers that have visited an unusual destination and would like to encourage other travellers to do the same. I’m looking for a combination of travel tips, costs of flights/transport/accommodations/visa, difficulty of getting there, safety, your personal unusual stories/experiences/anecdotes. Basically, a comprehensive post about a destination with a human touch.


To save some time emailing back and forth, I have created a Google Form with some standard questions, that will give me a good idea of your travel and writing experience.

To request a guest post on Victor’s Travels, please fill in this form:

Advertising enquiries

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Occasionally I team up with travel brands, tourism boards, airlines or (local) accommodation. I am happy to brainstorm about the best way of working together, benefiting both parties. One note here: I only write articles about services, products and accommodations that I have used or would use myself. The most common advertising options are:


  • Sponsored post with content written/edited by me
  • Sponsored link in existing post
  • Sponsored Tweet
  • Sponsored Instagram post
  • Sponsored Facebook post
  • Press trip with mutually agreed number of articles and social media posts

Rates for these options can be requested through the form above. When reaching out, please include the following information:


  • What does your company (or the company you work for) offer?
  • What is the main purpose of your advertisement? E.g. more awareness or online conversion
  • For which period would you like the advertisement to be visible?
  • Have you worked with (travel) bloggers before? Could you send a few examples?

Media kit

An updated media kit containing information about website statistics, demographics and common topics is available.

Note for companies offering services

I am currently not interested in receiving services to improve web design, SEO, web traffic, or purchasing Social Media likes, comments or followers. If your email falls into these categories, it will not receive a response. Thank you.

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Would you like some more travel advice? Do you want to share your story? Did you spot an error on the site? Or do you simply want to say hi? Use the form below to reach out to me.




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