My most memorable experiences

I’ve seen many places, I’ve seen many faces. I’ve climbed mountains, cycled through continents, eaten exotic animals and felt like the king of the world on more than one occasion. To make sure I’ll never forget these experiences, I’ve decided to start a list of things I’ve experienced. A reverse bucket list. Maybe it will inspire you for your next destination!

  • Ate at the cheapest Michelin star restaurant in the world (Hong Kong)
  • Saw 100.000 people doing gymnastics in sync at the Mass Games in Pyongyang, North Korea. See photo below.
Mass games North Korea

The biggest show I’ve ever seen: The Arirang Mass Games in Pyongyang, North Korea

Sushi in Tokyo

Hands down the best sushi I have ever eaten. Ditto for the Ramen, Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki and Udon noodle soup. Oh Tokyo..

  • Went to the DMZ between North and South Korea
  • Slept in a capsule hotel in Tokyo
  • Took the bullet train all around Japan
  • Cycled from New York City to Miami (see photo below), Amsterdam to Hamburg, Amsterdam to Trier, Amsterdam to Poznan and Amsterdam to Le Havre
Miami Beach bicycle trip

I made it! I simply cannot describe what went through my head after cycling 2.500 km (1.550 miles) and arriving in Miami Beach.

  • Swam in the sea of Antarctica, and bonded with some cool penguins on land
  • Had world-class steak in Argentina
  • Hiked Mt. Fitz Roy in El Chalten, South Argentina
  • Visited Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires
  • Visited Macchu Picchu
  • Visited Salar de Uyuni (see photo below) and took a stupid picture
Salar de Uyuni

What else can you do in this crazy white desert called Salar de Uyuni?

Collective Sunshine Dinner

The beautiful tenants (at the time) of Collective Sunshine.

Hitchhiking Alaska

I hitchhiked 1000+ km in Alaska, USA

  • Nearly got into an F-5 (highest class) tornado in Kansas with the car I was driving in.
  • Crossed Canada West to East, and USA East to West and North to South, all by land
  • Seen New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, New Orleans, Boston, Los Angeles, Anchorage (Alaska) and Austin.
  • Sat in a car and a bus for 6 straight days (Anchorage to Toronto) covering 7.000 km
  • Walked and drove over the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Went gold mining in North Pole, Alaska
  • Ate Bison (see photo below), Kangaroo, Moose, Aligator, Cricket, Ostrich, Alpaca Hamster and Springbok.

The Bison-dog (or should I say Hot-Bison?) I ate in Whitehorse, Canada.

  • Walked from Bondi Beach to Coogee in Sydney
  • Working as a Milkman at Aussie Farmers Direct
  • Cycled through Tasmania
  • Drove 14.000 km on several relocation deals in Australia and USA (including a 5-day 4000km drive from Perth to Sydney)
  • Seen every landscape imaginable in Australia
  • Seen Cape Tribulation and Cairns
  • Swam in a natural volcanic hot waterfall
  • Did a cliff bungee jump in New Zealand from 80 meters. See photo below.
  • Climbed mt Wellington (1.3km) and mt Terenaki (2.5 km) in New Zealand
  • Went sky diving in Pattaya, Thailand. I dreamt of doing this since I was a kid.
  • Got drunk with a Russian and traded shirts on the Trans-Mongolia Express
  • Slept in a Mongolian Ger with a -14 Celsius outside temperature
  • Played at a DJ gig in Ulan Baator in a pub run by a famous Mongolian gangster rapper
  • Massaged pigs and brushed cows at the Familie Bofkont sanctuary near Amsterdam, The Netherlands. See photo below.
  • Walked 4 x 50km near Nijmegen (The Netherlands) during the Nijmeegse Vierdaagse and earned a Royal Medal.
  • Ran a full marathon (Amsterdam Marathon)
  • Visited a Township in Hermanus, South Africa
  • Did a self-drive in Addo Elephant Park in South Africa and got charged by elephants 3 times
  • Had Kobe beef… in Kobe, Japan
  • Used the Shinkansen bullet train on many occasions in Japan
Pig massage Familie Bofkont

Gave a bunch of pigs and cows a good rub at the Familie Bofkont sanctuary near Amsterdam.

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