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Countries visited

Itineraries of longer trips

Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia

Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia

When 2009 – 2010
Duration 6 months
Distance ≈ 58.673 km ≈ 1.5 times around the globe
Reason Intended to discover backpacking, visiting a common route: Australia, New Zealand, South-East Asia. See this article for the background story.

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Alaska to Antarctica

Alaska to Antarctica

When 2011 – 2012
Duration 8 months
Distance ≈ 51.454 km ≈ 1.3 times around the globe
Reason To try and accomplish the craziest thing I could think of while doing something back for the world. Read the background story for this trip.

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USA, Japan, Korea, China, Russia, Norway

USA, Japan, Korea, China, Russia, Norway

When 2013
Duration 7 months
Distance ≈ 52.183 km ≈ 1.3 times around the globe
Reason After deciding traveling was a strong passion, this trip was planned. It was basically a collection of bucket list items crammed into one itinerary. I cycled from New York to Miami, sold my bike and traveled on from there.

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Backpacking trip India, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Scotland, Denmark

Japan, South Korea, UK/Scotland, Spain, Denmark

When 2017
Duration 6 months
Distance ≈ 33.747 km ≈ 0.8 times around the globe
Reason My first long backpack trip with my girlfriend, which was a great success! We found the countries that we both haven’t visited yet or wanted to go back to and made an itinerary out of it. Some of the trip we planned while on the road. The amazing food was definitely a common denominator on this trip!

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Other things I like to keep track of

Fond memories

On my travels I have experienced loads of amazing new experiences, but there are a few that stood out.
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Selfies around the globe

I take a selfie in every country I have been to, because why not.
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I write about many different destinations, from sunny Croatia to bone-chilling Antarctica, and from liberal Amsterdam to, well, North Korea. You can find guides, travel tips and my experiences here, categorized per country. Read more »

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